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Quick Tip for Friday: water-wise help for trees

Borrowing a post from another blog again for today’s Quick Tip for Friday

Be water-wise to help your trees survive the drought « Invest From the Ground Up.



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Quick Tip Friday- Water saving tip – Check your sprinklers

We are in a drought here in California. A phrase I have been hearing my entire life, but I still take it seriously and try not to be wasteful.

I will be posting water saving tips as often as I can through the spring and summer months.

My water saving advice today is related specifically to sprinklers or watering systems and it is very simple.

Watch when your sprinklers or watering systems run to check for needed repairs or adjustments.

A few years back a neighbor told me about a broken sprinkler she happened to see because our sprinklers ran the same time she left for work everyday. We never happened to see it. Since then I try to check things out twice a year and it paid off this year. We ran a check on the watering system in the backyard recently and discovered a leak that could have gone undetected for a very long time.

As you can see in the pictures there was no obvious problem besides the puddle. Timing and location might have kept us from noticing this puddle for quite some time.  There was a crack in a sprinkler head below the surface we w0uldn’t  know about until we watched our system running to check for possible adjustments in spray pattern or timing.

It was a easy fix to replace the sprinkler head (it just screws off/on) and no more water is being wasted watering our pavers instead of the grass.

sprinkler head sprinkler head2

Take a few minutes to check out your watering system regularly , it’s worth it!



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I love it when my customers introduce me to new products!

I just installed a HydroRight Dual Flush converter today and must say how impressed I was! My customer bought it and asked me to install and although I had never seen this product before I plan to buy 2 tomorrow for both of the bathrooms in my own house.

It was SO easy to install. The most time I spent was removing the old flush handle that was very calcified onto the tank! The whole process probably took 15 to 20 minutes because I very carefully read the instructions. Twice, actually, because it seemed too simple.

Once it is installed you can easily see the water savings by using the Quick Flush; the tank only drops about a 1/4 but the bowl completely empties (they even have you test it with a square of paper). Very efficient. Seems to me like every home should have these!

What a great reward for working on a Saturday to discover a new product that I am really excited about! My customers will be getting this recommended to them by me now, that is for sure.


Dual Flush Converter – Dual Flush Valve, Water Saving Toilet Parts by MJSI.

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