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Got a leaning plant? Try this fix

A friend recently mentioned to me one of her chili plants was falling over and I told her one of my favorite tips.

Small plants can get a little support with some chopsticks. Make sure to use something thick enough to tie it so as to not cut into the delicate plant. You can also use the bamboo skewers we all have around this time of year for doing kabobs on the grill, especially for taller plants. Happy gardening!

Chopstick as a plant stake

Chopstick as a plant stake

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One-Day Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-Waste Collection Events: City of Torrance – Saturday, June 15

I’m pretty sure I have some stuff on this list to dispose of! Looking forward to gathering them up over the next few days and take to this drop off on Saturday. Click the link for details about what is being accepted and what is not.

One-Day Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-Waste Collection Events: City of Torrance – Saturday, June 15.

Saturday, June 15th

Saturday, June 15th


Happy recycling everyone!


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No funnel? No problem.

Need to put oil in the car but don’t have a funnel? I can never do it without getting oil everywhere and making a mess. Yesterday I came up with this solution using ‘trash’ from the passenger seat; an old soda bottle.

Easy and clean. This would work well for other funnel needs, just use any plastic bottle with the right size opening to suit the task!


get an empty bottle and utility knife           cut top off bottle           clean the bottle

dry the bottle top           top of bottle as funnel

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Handy way to reuse corks

I was finding it very hard to get the patio table clean under the glass and around the rim, and it was bothering me. Since there is an umbrella in the middle it’s not convenient to take the glass off, so I came up with a great trick last week to make it easier.

It’s best if you can use 2 people to lift one side at a time, but it can be done with just one person also. Simply raise the edge of the glass top and place wine corks in between to keep it raised.
Now you have easy access to hose, wipe, brush, blow….whatever your preferred method of cleaning!
If you hose it off like I do the corks are great to leave in place while everything dries. Simple.
Happy patio dining! 🙂

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