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Quick Tip for Friday – changing water filters

When changing your water filter you don’t have to waste water. Whether you have a water filter in your refrigerator, a water filter faucet, or a water filter pitcher they have something in common. Directions for the new filters say to run the water for quite a while or fill the pitcher a couple of times before considering the water drinkable. But you don’t have to just let that water run down the drain! Capture it in pitchers, and use it to water plants, or pre rinse dishes. It is still good water, just not filtered yet!

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Quick Tip Friday- Water saving tip – Check your sprinklers

We are in a drought here in California. A phrase I have been hearing my entire life, but I still take it seriously and try not to be wasteful.

I will be posting water saving tips as often as I can through the spring and summer months.

My water saving advice today is related specifically to sprinklers or watering systems and it is very simple.

Watch when your sprinklers or watering systems run to check for needed repairs or adjustments.

A few years back a neighbor told me about a broken sprinkler she happened to see because our sprinklers ran the same time she left for work everyday. We never happened to see it. Since then I try to check things out twice a year and it paid off this year. We ran a check on the watering system in the backyard recently and discovered a leak that could have gone undetected for a very long time.

As you can see in the pictures there was no obvious problem besides the puddle. Timing and location might have kept us from noticing this puddle for quite some time.  There was a crack in a sprinkler head below the surface we w0uldn’t  know about until we watched our system running to check for possible adjustments in spray pattern or timing.

It was a easy fix to replace the sprinkler head (it just screws off/on) and no more water is being wasted watering our pavers instead of the grass.

sprinkler head sprinkler head2

Take a few minutes to check out your watering system regularly , it’s worth it!



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Quick Tip for Friday – solar yard lights

Posting my Friday tip on Saturday, it’s been busy lately, can you tell?

If you have solar lights in your yard, along walkways etc. this is a great time of year to give them a little attention. Start watching for the sun shifting and the days beginning to shorten, making a few adjustments in placement can help you get the most from your lights as fall and winter come along.

Rotate the locations of lights that may have already been getting shorter amounts of direct light or are in the areas where they come on the soonest as it gets dark.

If you have lights with on/off switch turn them off for a couple of days now and then so they can store up the charge. This can be especially helpful in the short days of winter.

Clean the tops of your lights to keep them functioning at their best. All it takes is a damp paper towel or rag and a few minutes to rub the area where the little solar panels collect the energy. This one simple bit of maintenance will dramatically increase the life of your decorative solar yard lights.

Solar light touched up

A little effort can do a lot to extend the life of solar yard lights!

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Quick tip for Friday; buying plants

Here is some simple but effective advice to really help with success in your landscaping and gardening.
Pay attention to the location of the plants you want from the nursery or garden center and choose accordingly.

When the beautiful, vibrant blooms of a fuchsia start singing to you ‘Take me home’ make note that you (and the plant) are in a bright, but somewhat shaded location. While you may imagine how lovely those colors will look in the full, bright sun outside your kitchen window, you won’t have them for very long if you put it there. It won’t be happy, trust me, I have tried!

red and purple fuchsiapink fuchsia

When you are looking to add some plantings to a shady spot whether it is flowers, fruit or ground cover then make sure you don’t need SPF and sunglasses while picking out what to buy!

Beebutterfly on bougainvillea

Your first step to success can be that easy, choose from conditions similar to where you want it to thrive!

And here is a picture of a dragonfly just because I am so excited that I got this shot. 🙂


Happy planting!


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April is National Garden Month!

We all know that Earth Day is in April but did you know the entire Month is dedicated to our lovely gardens?

Celebrate National Garden Month with some of these great ideas from the National Gardening Association!



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Quick Reminder-Time change is almost here again!

Spring is on it's way!

Spring is on it’s way!

Is it just me or has the past year flown by? It is time once again for the ‘spring forward’ time change this weekend. Sunday March 10 we put the clocks ahead an hour again.
Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and get ready for spring cleaning! Spring is on it’s way!

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Helpful tips

Every few months or so take the drain stoppers from the kitchen sink and toss them in the dishwasher when you run it. Does a great job cleaning the buildup especially from the bottom where it can get pretty gross!

Saw this on Pinterest – use coffee filters to cover drain holes in planters! Wish I had seen that tip before I already finished all my spring re potting! Such a great idea!

Picnic-BBQ idea: place persihable foods like dips, condiments, cheese and meat trays, sandwich trays etc on top of ice in shallow pans or plastic bins to keep fresh and safe during a party.  Don’t open and pour the ice, lay whole bag into a large shallow bins, like the ones used to store items under the bed.. Cover the ice with a dish towel then set trays of food on top! Keep covered from bugs and you will have a stress free picnic buffet!!

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Some of what I have been up to lately

It has been a busy few weeks and I have neglected my blog posts. While I sort out all the ideas swirling around in my head and transform them into useful information for my readers I will give you a taste of some of the projects I’ve been doing recently.

I love putting up these sorts of posts because the most frequent question I get from new customers is “Do you do that?” More often than not the task they ask for is something I do!

Here’s a sample of how diverse my work can be sometimes:

  1. Painted a room and window trim at a bridal shop. During this job I decided to replace the phrase ‘Bull in a china shop’ with ‘Painter in a bridal shop’ to indicate awkward and potentially dangerous scenario….wedding dresses are so….FLUFFY!! No harm came to any during my work, but it made me nervous to be sure!
  2. Replaced a kitchen garbage disposal (the one I removed was Montgomery Ward brand, remember them?).
  3. Helped someone finish moving out of storage.
  4. Helped someone finish moving into storage.
  5. Took large donations to Habitat for Humanity’s Restore location in Gardena, CA.
  6. Took small donations to Goodwill.
  7. Stripped old stain off hot tub. Re stained freshly stripped hot tub.
  8. Helped transplant orchids, which I had never done before and had the pleasure of my customer being the one to show me what to do!
  9. Provided set up assistance to vendors attending event put on by South Bay Woman Magazine.
  10. Planted spring flowers in pots on patio.
  11. Re hung sign in lobby of massage studio in Redondo Beach.
  12. Located, picked up, delivered and installed fitness equipment for home practice space.
  13. Installed string lights for outdoor seating area.
  14. Sold old sports equipment on Craigslist.
  15. Replaced tub spout that was no longer diverting water to shower head.
  16. Laid 15 bags of landscape rock.
  17. Pruned roses.
  18. Repaired section of carpet bordering tile that was pulling up.
  19. Un-clogged kitchen drain under sink (although the problem remained in the main line so I referred to a plumber for the rest of the work).
  20. Started experimenting with making my own shower cleaner using vinegar and dish soap instead of bleach based products, results are pretty good so far.
  21. Installed new light switch.
  22. Currently doing patch repair on stairwell railing that was damaged.
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Ready to Spring forward? Time Change Sunday is on the way!

On Sunday, March 11, Daylight Savings Time will begin in most of the United States.  Setting the clock forward is a good reminder that it is time to check on other seasonal items.

Change the clocks, change the batteries.  Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors save lives … if they’re powered on by a fresh battery.  Safety experts recommend replacing smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries twice a year–so celebrate Time Change Sunday with fresh batteries all around.

Changing batteries isn’t enough, if it’s been awhile. I bring this up for the winter change and the spring change. If your smoke detectors are 10 years old (or more), it’s time to replace them altogether. It is a small expense to provide a LOT of protection to your home and loved ones.

Start thinking about summer!  The recent summer like weather makes it easy to remember summer is on the way. As the days grow longer and the temperatures get higher there are things to do now in preparation.

  • Check condition of screens – are they ready to keep out all those flying critters we will be seeing soon?
  • Check around the foundation and doorways for cracks and crevices – seal them up before crawly critters start looking for cool vacation spots inside your home when it heats up outside.
  • Do your ceiling fans wobble? Are your window fans securely in place? Don’t wait until you need to use these items everyday to check them out and get them ready for the season.
  • How is your yard looking? Did the weeds take over, or are you ready to plant some colorful spring flowers? We are so lucky to be able to start our spring planting early here in the South Bay! Feed your lawn now and it will require less water in the hot summer months to come.
  • Have you considered planting edibles? Herbs, peppers, strawberries…lots of typical plantings but take a look at all the choices of dwarf and semi dwarf fruit trees! You can practically have your own orchard.
  • Time to dust off the grill! Here is a nice checklist for grill maintenance I found on Real Simple:

Set your clocks forward and get set for SPRING!!

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Big planter!

Big planter!

I love gardening and growing so much I tried to plant myself in this giant pot recently. It made a much better home for the dwarf pear tree that is in it now than for me.

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