Birds in your attic?

In doing some research for a customer I came across this article and thought it worth sharing.

I did not know active nests may be protected by law. Did you?


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Quick Tip for Friday – keep it until you are done

Whenever you are on a project, try not to throw out anything until the project is successfully completed.

Not only should you inventory all parts when opening a new item, whether it is an Ikea dresser or a ceiling fan, it is a good idea to keep everything until the project at hand is done!

Sometimes you get in the middle of a job and find something doesn’t fit or isn’t working. You may need to put the old item back together until you resolve the problem with the new one. Or you might need the original packaging to return or request a replacement something that didn’t fit like if should have. There are many examples I could give as to why, trust that I have learned this bit of advice the hard way. Keep everything until you have successfully completed your project!!

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Poem to welcome the New Year

Cheers to 2017

A fresh start before us, this New Year brings.

I wish you health, joy, prosperity and all the good things!


May your pockets be heavy,

your challenges light.


May your troubles be few,

your days happy and bright.


May your heart be full

from morning till night.


Embrace the New Year to bring a fresh start,

and let not our differences tear us apart.


May 2017 be a wonderful year

of people coming together in love and not fear.


With open hearts and minds may we talk and we listen.

Treating others with kindness is always the mission.


Listen with empathy, speak with compassion.

Acting with love is always in fashion!


Fight for what’s right, but treat ALL with respect.

Don’t stoop down a level, pull them up a step.


Hold loved ones close and cherish each day.

Live, laugh, love and make time to play!


Enjoy Mother Nature in all her beauty.

Remember, caring for our planet is everyone’s duty.


Wishing you much happiness, well-being, good health, prosperity and love in this New Year and always.


All the Best,


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Beautiful sky

Sometimes you just want to put up a pretty picture.

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Quick Tip for Friday – remove a cork

Do you have trouble getting out the Champagne cork unless you use the fun but sometimes not ideal method of sending it flying off with your thumbs. “Hey, you can put an eye out with that thing!” (or break a light fixture, doh! I’ve been there done that.) Besides it’s wasteful.

popping champagne cork

Ever put a cork back in a bottle and find it nearly impossible to get back out? Can’t use a corkscrew again without crumbling the cork back into the bottle, so maybe you resort to pushing the cork in whole since it’s going to end up there anyway?

Well, rummage around in that one kitchen drawer containing the stuff you rarely use. Because hanging on to that nutcracker suddenly paid off! It is perfect for grabbing  hold of a cork you can’t use with a corkscrew.

Picture below I’m opening a bottle of oil that had a very tight cork. I was about to head to my toolbox for some pliers when I remembered my super smart boyfriend has used the nutcracker on champagne corks. Perfect!

How to remove a cork

How to remove a cork

I think this was much more sanitary and would be much better in front of guests than my pliers idea. 🙂

Happy uncorking!!

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One-Day Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-Waste Collection Events: City of Torrance – Saturday, June 15

I’m pretty sure I have some stuff on this list to dispose of! Looking forward to gathering them up over the next few days and take to this drop off on Saturday. Click the link for details about what is being accepted and what is not.

One-Day Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) and E-Waste Collection Events: City of Torrance – Saturday, June 15.

Saturday, June 15th

Saturday, June 15th


Happy recycling everyone!


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When a bad thing is actually a good thing

When I was rear ended a couple of weeks ago and the girl who hit me lied about her information I was really upset. Extremely frustrated with myself for failing to get the proper information I knew to get, but furious at her for intentionally lying. It was worse than hit and run, for this was a calculated decision. And I wasn’t just mad, it made me depressed to realize people behave that way.
Her little compact car clearly suffered the brunt of the damage, the hood was buckled upwards and the radiator bent into a V. My truck seemed to be ok, having a spare tire rack on the back which seemed to have caused most of the damage to her car.
So, without noting the plate number or asking to see her license or insurance information I left with basically just a name and phone number written on a piece of paper, but I also only gave her my business card, and figured the whole thing wasn’t a big deal.
The minute I got home and my boyfriend checked out the truck we discovered the damage was worse than I thought. The tire rack had pushed into the tailgate and now the back of the truck couldn’t be opened.
That’s when I found out ‘Claudia’ had given me false information. First was shock that someone would even think do that, followed by anger that she KNEW exactly what she did and was getting away with it. Anger lingered and I started reaching out on Facebook to see if I might be lucky enough to know someone who knows someone who had recently had their little silver compact car get a smashed up front end. Struggling to keep my anger in check when I wrote my postings, it fanned the flames when my friends expressed anger too. People reposted my plea for help, responded with advice, questions, similar stories, sympathy, empathy and reminders about karma.
One friend went into extreme Private Investigator mode and started searching the internet, making phone calls and tracking down every possible ‘lead’ to locate this person!
My boyfriend contacted the police dept. in the city where the accident happened to inquire if there were cameras at that intersection and find out what else we could do besides filing the incident report I filed.
The rush of angry motivation to hunt her down began to fade into a sense of defeat. It wasn’t getting hit that bothered me, accidents happen. She made an honest mistake but chose to deal with it in such a dishonest way that it really depressed me. I can’t wrap my mind around how one can treat another person that way.
I went into denial and spent about a week trying not to let myself think about it at all. I was pretty busy that week so it was easy to pretend I had let it go. But really I was avoiding getting my truck fixed or talking about it anymore because it made me sad to even think about it.
Yesterday my boyfriend, Ralph, broke through my defenses by making it his mission for the day to work on getting the tailgate of the truck working again. When I first I got this truck second hand it had the same issue on a much smaller scaled so I had already fixed it once with the help of our next door neighbor. As Ralph and I disassembled panels to gain access to the interior of the tailgate mechanisms and pound out dents, once again our neighbor offered to help. Ralph had already managed to push the main largest dent but things were still badly out of whack.
With a lot of team work, ingenuity, shared tools, shared experiences and 3 stubbornly determined people working on it, we practically re molded that tailgate back into shape as good as when it was new. It is certainly better now than when I got it!
My depression, anger and sadness about the actions of ‘Claudia’ are gone. The behavior of one bad person has been so outnumbered by good people in my life who are kind and thoughtful and helpful I can’t give any power to the negative feelings about what she did.
Now I find I am grateful this incident brought into focus how fortunate I am to be surrounded by caring people who are ethical, generous, and sincere. I am very blessed to have so many quality human beings in my life who consider me a friend and that I may call friend in return.
Thanks to all who offered advice, help and reposted my requests for help on Facebook. You lifted my spirits.
Thank you, Sue for turning into P.I.!! You are amazing!!
Thanks to Ralph for letting me sulk just long enough to move on and then being so helpful and determined to fix it! ❤
And thanks to our next door neighbor Larry (again)! It’s great having someone who loves to work on cars live next door, and even better that he’s a nice guy willing to share his time, tools and knowledge!
Silly little accident. No one hurt, just some damage to some cars.
This bad thing was really a good thing wanting to be noticed. I will do my best to keep my awareness of my good fortune fresh in my heart at all times and walk in gratitude each day.
Thanks for the gift ‘Claudia’. I wish you peace.

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No funnel? No problem.

Need to put oil in the car but don’t have a funnel? I can never do it without getting oil everywhere and making a mess. Yesterday I came up with this solution using ‘trash’ from the passenger seat; an old soda bottle.

Easy and clean. This would work well for other funnel needs, just use any plastic bottle with the right size opening to suit the task!


get an empty bottle and utility knife           cut top off bottle           clean the bottle

dry the bottle top           top of bottle as funnel

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Job perk of being a handywoman: breaking gender stereotypes

The Fix-It Lass

The Fix-It Lass

I absolutely LOVE it when children are around when I am working in someone’s home fixing things!

Last year I remember a very simple job of hanging some stuff on the walls; pictures, wooden cut out letters and a few other items. There were 2 young girls home while I was there and the youngest was utterly fascinated by my tool box and what I was doing. The older girl at one point, very matter of fact, stated “I never quite understood how those work.” as I was using a level to mark the hanger spots. She looked and listened intently with sincere interest as I explained to her how and why to use a level.

Today I changed 2 bathroom exhaust fans while accompanied by a sweet young man of about 3 or 4 years old. He respectfully examined my tools as closely as possible without touching them, maneuvered his post outside the bathrooms to be able to see what I was doing without getting anywhere in my way and adorably covered his ears when I had to bang on something for a moment.

Since I am fortunate enough to live in an area that is rich in cultural diversity I often get a chance to work in homes of people who may come from countries or cultures that traditionally maintain certain limited views on women’s roles in society and the world. These are my favorite. Just being hired by them says to me these are already people not conforming to the ‘rules’ which might be set forth in their culture of origin.
Then when I get to the job and there happen to be children around to see me doing what many consider ‘man’s work’- that’s icing on the cake!!

I think example is the best way to teach. Without a lecture or lesson, without a word spoken directly to the issue, every single time I do my job in front of a child of any age, any race, any ethnicity, cultural background, country of origin or GENDER I get to help chip away at gender stereotypes.

It’s tiny, I know, but it does make me proud.

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The Importance of Shopping Small

Small Business Saturday is a BIG deal!

Please help support your local community and Shop Small on the Saturday between ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’.

All of us small business owners appreciate and depend on your support all year! My business isn’t affected by the retail shopping season quite so much, so I feel like it’s a great time for me to give back and support other small businesses around me.

The Importance of Shopping Small.

Where will you shop small this year?

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