7 UncommonTips for Kitchen Cleaning | Sears PartsDirect

Nice article here with some great tips.

I like the second one about cleaning the microwave especially. You can do it using your kitchen sponge too, and get longer use from your sponge by sanitizing it!


7 UncommonTips for Kitchen Cleaning | Sears PartsDirect.

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Quick Tip for Friday – remove a cork

Do you have trouble getting out the Champagne cork unless you use the fun but sometimes not ideal method of sending it flying off with your thumbs. “Hey, you can put an eye out with that thing!” (or break a light fixture, doh! I’ve been there done that.) Besides it’s wasteful.

popping champagne cork

Ever put a cork back in a bottle and find it nearly impossible to get back out? Can’t use a corkscrew again without crumbling the cork back into the bottle, so maybe you resort to pushing the cork in whole since it’s going to end up there anyway?

Well, rummage around in that one kitchen drawer containing the stuff you rarely use. Because hanging on to that nutcracker suddenly paid off! It is perfect for grabbing  hold of a cork you can’t use with a corkscrew.

Picture below I’m opening a bottle of oil that had a very tight cork. I was about to head to my toolbox for some pliers when I remembered my super smart boyfriend has used the nutcracker on champagne corks. Perfect!

How to remove a cork

How to remove a cork

I think this was much more sanitary and would be much better in front of guests than my pliers idea. 🙂

Happy uncorking!!

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It’s finally soup weather!!

Generally I am a summer and sunshine girl who just loves the hot weather, but one thing I love about this time of year when days grow shorter and temperatures drop is making soup!
My favorite method tends to be grabbing whatever looks good and start throwing it together. I don’t have much rules when it comes to making soup, and it usually turns out pretty yummy.
When I started tossing veggies in the Crockpot for tonight’s dinner it was so pretty I had to take a picture! It’s just a can of diced tomato, red and yellow bell peppers and celery tops along with a bunch stuff from the spice cabinet in some chicken stock, but there’s more to come and it is going to be good.
Can’t wait to see how it turns out!
Happy Fall cooking!

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