Who is Cass the Fix It Lass? After years of unsatisfying work in the corporate world I was let go, and not sure what to do next. I visited a life coach who suggested, based on interests and passions I had expressed to her, that I should start my own handywoman business. It made perfect sense, everything that got me fired up involved DIY, home improvement and repairs, or gardening, and those interests were the perfect start for offerings to clients.

Specializing in small projects and ‘honey do’ lists, I am happy to encourage you to find your way around your tool box, to be your extra set of hands when you’re putting up those shelves, or assemble that new dresser for you. I also love helping customers with their gardening needs, from the basic flower pots to completely starting anew outdoors. I love getting my hands dirty and working outside.

I pride myself on treating my customers with respect and being completely honest with them. I am not afraid to say ‘I’m not sure how to do that but I’ll find out,’ or to help my clients find another person for a job that may be beyond my particular skill level. If you are looking for someone to come in and make design decisions for you, I’m probably not your lass, but I know some people who are!

After so many years of staring at the clock, and counting the minutes until I could leave, I’m now proud to say I run my own business. Safe, clean, and reliable, Cass The Fix It Lass that is who I am.



6 thoughts on “About

  1. I am really enjoying your blog, it is fun, inspirational and covers good topics. Thanks!


  2. Hello Cass the Fix It Lass,

    I’m Tracy Chopek, the college Writing Intern at Stage of Life. I saw your blog and wanted to invite you to share one of your posts or a story from your life with our multi-generational blogging community on in our Homeowner section.

    Our goal is to create the world’s largest database of personal stories about life, from teens to Baby Boomers. We’d love to have you participate in our educational initiative.

    Please let me know if you have questions – thanks!


  3. Michael

    Hey dear handywoman,
    You seem to be a real sweetheart and passionnate about what u do and helping people with right solutions.
    I need a little of ur precious time .
    I hired so called professionnals to redo my large bathrooms with a new standing shower , new ceramic floors etc… Taired down from A to Z . It ended up being non very competent guys and im stuck having to fix their flaws on my own at my cost . I had a water leaking problem downstairs from right under the bath and thats what made me invest in redoing my bathroom. After a hard working 10k job , the problem is still here . The water is leaking downstairs meaning i have to change the ceiling floor again. Where i need ur help is to help me find this water going downstairs . Ive noticed the grout between the bath base and the ceramic floor that already has cracked after 3 months .
    I dont know if it was well done and what should i do about it . Im far from a pro in this but im sure i learn the ‘do it myself way’ as hiring someone is not an option again . Do i need to completely remove the grout and put a new one ? Can i just fill it up ? Can i maybe put silicone / caulking on it to seal it ? Can waterleak from there ? I can send you some pictures if u dont mind . Ur help is much much appreciated as i am fed up of this water leaking problem . Thanks a million xoxox , Michael Rouimy from Montreal , Canada


    • Hi Michael, I hope you got some local, reliable help for your issues. I don’t really manage my blog as a help forum, so my apologies for not getting a response to you sooner. I hope you found the source of your leak, based on your description it sounds like there was a something going on with the plumbing itself.
      Seems like you have been having a real nightmare. I am passionate about trying to help people but the best advice I can give you is ask friends for referrals to good, honest tradespeople who can assist you with getting this situation corrected.

      Best of luck to you! Thanks for considering me as a resource. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!


  4. Michael Rouimy

    Thanks for late reply !!
    The problem is still not solved as new guys are starting on Monday , hopefully they will find the source of the problem !
    All the best and thanks again


  5. Bobbi

    So happy I found you!! I have decided I am ready to take on some small projects around our house. You are just the inspiration I need. Thank you !!


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