Quick Tip for Friday- Keeping it cool for the BBQ

Get creative this Labor Day weekend when putting out the goods for the big BBQ!

Freeze water in balloons to put in the buckets and tubs, it adds fun color and also helps with the melting run off!

ice balloons

I freely admit to discovering this tip on Pinterest and happily provide the link back to the original source by clicking on the image (if I did it right!).

Use Blue Ice when possible to help reduce water run off, especially in the bottoms of coolers and buckets. If you are putting out bottled water freeze a few of them first and put towards the bottom, they will be ready for drinking as your guest get to them.

Keep in mind you don’t have to spend a lot of money on special tubs or buckets to put drinks out for your guests. You can use anything big enough that is also relatively clean. Line a garden bucket with a plastic bag then fill with ice. Or buy and new one and use for the party first if you were about due anyway. Regular plastic storage bins are great too!

Food can be kept safe to eat longer by setting it out on ice, and this can be done all sorts of ways. If you bought a pre made tray of sandwiches, veggies or cold cuts turn the lid over, fill with ice then set the tray on top of that. Automatically a perfect fit.

I often use large Pyrex baking pans filled with ice to put out condiments, or dips it’s great because the items wont tip over as it melts because the pan is shallow.

One last tip: make sure the ice has fully melted and the water isn’t cold anymore before pouring onto the lawn on plants. Cold water can shock the roots.

Happy Grilling! Stay hydrated and please don’t drink and drive!!

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One thought on “Quick Tip for Friday- Keeping it cool for the BBQ

  1. Wow, cool tips for the big BBQ! I love the balloon idea. Thanks for sharing, Cass.


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