Picture hanging, made easier

I recently had the pleasure of adding a new tool to my arsenal thanks to and I am excited to tell everyone about it!

It’s called the Picture Perfect Level from Tomboy Tools and it is amazing how much it can simplify hanging pictures and other things.

Being very light weight as well as sturdy makes it so easy to use and allows one person to do things that normally would be best done by two.

The Fix-It Lass using Picture Perfect Level

The level is built in and can be slid along the entire length of the measuring ‘stick’ or removed completely.

Double sided measuring units allow for both metric and standard.

The BEST part of all are the sliding markers with points on the back to make dimples in the wall marking your location perfectly every time!

I was able to hang 8 different framed posters throughout a room in a customers house in about 2 hours (sorry forgot to take pictures of that job). My usual methods would have taken at least twice that time but with the Picture Perfect Level I was able to easily space each item perfectly by measuring from the center and of course every single one of them was leveled perfectly the very first time.

Hanging these four individual pieces that need to go together with perfect spacing and perfect leveling was much easier with this tool.

My real challenge on this job was that I should have brought a taller ladder.

Since I’ve had this lovely new device I was able to hang a new roman shade for a customer in record time also. Thanks Cathy for introducing me, I think I see more Tomboy Tools in my future!

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