It’s almost that time again

Daylight Saving Time is about to end for 2012, only one more weekend before we change the clocks again.

Sunday November 4, 2012 is the date for rolling the clocks back for fall this year.

With so many of our time keeping devices that do this for us now, it’s hard to  remember when we had do it all ourselves. I bet most of us still have at least one piece of equipment associated with the the TV that still flashes 12:00 though!

Rolling the clocks back is a great time to make a habit to perform a quick household safety check:

  1. Check/replace batteries in all the smoke detectors.
  2. Smoke detectors 10 years or older should be replaced.
  3. If you have an attached garage you also need a carbon monoxide detector.
  4. Make sure outer doors and windows seal and lock properly.
  5. Perform routine maintenance on gargage doors and openers such as lubricating spring or rollers.
  6. Make sure dryer vents, heat/air ducts, chimneys, bathroom exhaust fans and stove hood vents are functioning properly and/or have been professionally cleaned within the appropriate time frame.
  7. Carefully inspect all decorations before putting them out this year, anything that is worn or frayed just isn’t worth the risk. No matter how sentimental it may be, please replace it.
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