…yawn, a sleepy silver lining…

I do not like that my neighbors dog is such an incessant barker.

I do NOT like being awake at 4 AM with insomnia.

What I do like; those two things lead me to just happen to be looking out the window to the backyard at exactly the right time to identify without any doubt what critter has been digging under the fence for months.

I KNEW it was a skunk! And that early morning sighting has given me a lot of information.

First the proof that it is a skunk (some doubted me), that should help greatly in figuring out for sure how to fend off the little bugger.

But I also know my neighbors dog barking might not be a random as I thought. His barking was perfectly in time with the very aggressive digging the skunk had to do in order to enter my yard. My efforts to block entry have become increasingly substantial, to no avail.

Another plus is that I was able to learn more about the pesky beast. As I supspected it seemed to have little interest in my yard itself. It seemed mostly interested in using my yard as a highway to elsewhere, but for months I couldn’t figure out where it was going out/in on the front side and now I know!

Perhaps if I block that passage as well and continue my efforts under the back fence it will start seeking a less challenging place to get from point A to point B. 

Although it is a Southern California resident and we are known to adapt and tolerate more and more difficult traffic conditions to get where we want to go….

Stay tuned for follow up on my battle with the stinky brat.



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2 thoughts on “…yawn, a sleepy silver lining…

  1. I had a similar experience once when I looked out in the wee hours to see that the hot peppers I put in the garden did indeed repel the bunnies. She was in my garden, nosing around when all at once she stood up, quickly wiped her face a number of times, shook her head, hopped a few feet, repeated the wiping and shaking, and then hopped off into the darkness! I thought it was a very lucky coincidence for me. Not so much for Bunny.


  2. Poor bunny…I guess. 🙂 I wish my pal Stinky found hot stuff unpleasant. I have tried many of the organic tricks I have seen recommended such as pepper as a repellant in the area where it digs. Black Pepper, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes by the tablespoonfuls did not seem to slow ‘Stinky’ down one bit. I’ve been too busy to launch my next assault but I am plotting and scheming and will post my plans and results as they develop.


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