Home Renovation Checklist | Real Simple

This is a good list from Real Simple.

Home Renovation Checklist | Real Simple.

Here are a few items I would include to be considered.

Regarding budget and planning:

  • Does this work require permits? Will the contractor be responsible for permits and inspections? Make sure this is part of the discussion.
  • If the work is a major renovation consider the possibility you may have to spend a night or two away from the house depending on the job. I suggest an extra fund be set aside for unexpected hotel costs just in case of emergency.
  • This might sound like a small thing to consider but your water and utility bills will increase. A very large, long-term renovation or remodel may have an impact more than you think it will. Something to keep in mind as part of that extra 10% of budget.

The wish list idea is a great suggestion and goes hand in hand with research. Knowing you want that amazing state of the art appliance that may or may not fit in the budget isn’t enough. What is your 2nd or 3rd choice if you can’t have your first pick?

And of course don’t forget to do the research about new appliances etc. Consumer Reports, read reviews on various websites, ask friends, family and neighbors what they like and don’t like before deciding on your wish list.

Once you are ready to start take a deep breath, and try to enjoy the adventure without getting too overwhelmed or stressed! Think how nice it will all be when it is done!


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