Location of a drip is not the source of the problem

A recent communication mix up with a customer made me think of some good information to share.

The customer’s original written request for service asked to “repair leaking bathtub nozzle” among other items.

When the resident of the unit (not the person who sent original request) showed me the tub  nozzle she pointed out the diverter to make the water come out of the shower head was broken.

Replacing a tub spout because of a broken diverter is such a common and frequent  repair that I quoted and proceeded with the job of repairing the bathtub nozzle…not for leaking, but for the broken diverter handle without even realzing my mistake!

When I was contacted the following day to be notified the tub nozzle was still leaking could I go back and take a look. ‘Leaking?’ I thought, ‘I didn’t fix any a leak, I replaced a broken spout’

Right away I looked back at the original written request and saw exactly what I had done. Opps! I had let my mind fixate on the words ‘bathtub nozzle’ and when it turned out the nozzle ALSO had a broken diverter valve I forgot the work ‘leaking’ ever entered the conversation (obviously a relatively minor drip, but still my mistake).

The point of my story is to help people know what I should have remembered!

The exact place where you experience a drip is rarely ever the place that is the cause of the problem.

Water dripping from a faucet is caused by it not being able to shut off completely. It’s the handle that needs repair, not the nozzle or spout.

If you have a faucet that develops a drip try to get it fixed as soon as possible and resist the urge to simply turn the handle tighter.  Attempting to turn the handle more forcefully can result in the further wear of  parts, causing a worse leak and potentially a greater problem than you had.

Until you have the time to fix it yourself or call in a professional to fix it for you try putting a bowl or pitcher under the drip and use it to water plants. No need running up your water bill too when you need to pay for parts and  repairs!

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