Don’t delay maintenance issues

I was going to write about gardening this week because that is what I get obsessed with this time of year, but the calls I have been on recently made me decide to talk about dealing with home maintenance issues sooner rather than later. It can save lots of money and a great deal of trouble to address common household issues right away.

When a faucet starts to drip it’s best to fix it quick. At that point it is likely that just a small rubber gasket inside is wearing out, a simple and inexpensive repair. Otherwise you will probably start trying to turn the handle harder (most of us do this do without even realizing it) which can result in the gasket becoming completely destroyed. Instead of a little drip now there is a major trickle or an outright run and that can really be a problem that is expensive, wasteful and quite annoying, especially if it is on the hot water side!

If a garbage disposal is not working it isn’t the best idea to just ‘do without it’ unless you are going to be extra diligent at the kitchen sink. Disposals are meant to churn and spin to help push the debris out. Without that movement there is a risk of everyday waste getting sort of stuck in there because it doesn’t have the same type of path to flow out like regular pipes do. If you have main line issues (as many of us do in older homes) that extra ‘gunk’ can really back things up. If you don’t have it replaced or removed you should be VERY meticulous about rinsing that side of the sink throughly and often (maybe even take a quick plunger to it now and then).

Other drips or leaks: I can’t stress enough how important it is to take care of any drip or leak that puddles up on floors or creating wet patches on/in walls. Once the area becomes saturated there is the risk of mold and severe deterioration of the floors and walls. This is the sort of thing that can lead to VERY major and expensive repairs. Please do not think just wiping it up often or putting a bowl under to catch the drip is a good solution.  A lot less could be spent today on a small repair to stop the leak. This is particularly important for roof leaks that may be getting into electrical fixtures. If you think a roof leak is getting into a light fixture, call a licensed roofer immediately!

This sort of post is not my favorite type of writing, all about warnings and sounding like I am trying to scare people, but it is important and helping people is one of the main things I love about my work!

Helping you save time, money and headaches by dealing with small repairs today rather than ending up with emergencies tomorrow, well that makes me feel especially good.

Maybe this weekend I will still get a post in about gardening, since we are expecting rain here this weekend and I will be forced indoors!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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2 thoughts on “Don’t delay maintenance issues

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