Drywall anchors with no drilling first? hmmm

While on vacation last week I was asked to help a family member hang a shelf in her apartment. Since I don’t take my toolbox on vacation with me, of course, we had to rely on what she had available.

I will likely do a whole other posting on the poorly matched items in the ‘handy drawer’ she and her room mates have, but for now I will stick to this.

Lacking a drill to make starter holes and we were discussing our options when I noticed this package of drywall anchors that claim you can just tap right into the wall. I am skeptical at best but we are low on options and I must admit to being curious. If I saw these in the hardware store I would likely pass them up, easily thinking they will not work. But here they are in front of me and we have limited choices at this point so I give them a shot.

They actually worked! Time will tell if they hold well and I will update my blog if I hear any negative feedback but they do seem to be a viable solution to the drill challenged.

With one important tip about the tip: I strongly suggest the use of a ‘starter’ a hole anyway.

You don’t need to drill, just tap a nail or screw in the spot you need. Basically you need to pierce the surface of the wall, because trying to tap in without doing so merely resulted in the plastic anchor bending and becoming worthless. Second attempt after providing a decent puncture spot to start with; worked great!

I looked them up to provide my readers with a link:

Now maybe I’ll  go look for places to review these so I can share my suggestion before less experienced home project users give up thinking it’s a bad product. It’s a decent product that could use one little addition to the instructions!

Happy hanging!

The Fix -It Lass

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