Try Intentions instead of resolutions

No Resolutions. This year instead I made a list of INTENTIONS:

Honor others by treating everyone with dignity, respect, kindness and appreciation. Say ‘Thank you’.

Attract prosperity, abundance and success; in both personal relationships and in business. Wealth of the pocket means very little without wealth  of the heart to go with it.

Plan for the life you want to lead by living it every day and trusting the future will provide even more good things to enjoy.

Participate in more face to face communications with friends and less interactions through Facebook. Live a real life, not just a virtual one!

Yield: give in to Love in all the ways it presents itself to you. Forgive easily and quickly (yourself as well as others).

Negate negativity: bad things will still happen, but you can choose to not let those things control and own you, find your path to move on. Practice self-acceptance and self –love.

Expect life to be full of wonderful experiences, genuine people and abundance!

Wallow in JOY and Happiness! Live with passion and conviction!

Yodel? Well, sing anyway.Everyday sing at least a few lines from any song that fills your heart with delight.

 Embrace new experiences! Try new things, learn new skills, go places, get out there in the world and DO stuff!!

Appreciate your blessings! Don’t take the basics for granted; being fed, housed, clothed and in good health are luxuries to some. Be thankful and aware EVERY DAY of the good fortune of a blessed life.

Radiate the joy, pleasure,cheerfulness, gratitude and kindness you want to see from others! It will be contagious.

Get ready for a great New Year in 2012!!  Happy New Year everyone, be safe and enjoy!!

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