Decorating advice for outdoor holiday lights

When putting up outdoor Christmas lights here are a few tips to make the process go more smoothly.
1. Make sure you gather everything you need before getting started. Do you have extra staples for the staple gun or plenty of clips? Do you need someone else to help, or is yours a one person job?
2. Plug in light strands and test before you start hanging! Personally I prefer to set aside non working strands to deal with last.
3. AFTER testing by plugging in untangle and lay out the good strands on the ground. Unless, of course the strands were tangled with one another, then you needed to untangle first to see which ones work.
4. Test plug good strands again, especially if using the tiny bulb style (not newer LED lights). Bulbs can come loose or break while handling causing the whole strand to stop working.
5. Inspect the good strands for any problems or defects like damaged wires if you did not already do so when you untangled them.
6. Now lay the light strands out on the ground around the house in the pattern you wish to hang. Connect them to each other, make sure you plan for gaps and getting around the various shapes of the building.
7. If you have enough strands in good working order, start hanging! If not then it’s time to check out the ones you set aside or go buy more if you didn’t have any.
These tips are mostly common sense but it’s funny how we can forget since we only do this once a year. And usually we are excited about making the house beautiful so we rush into it! But if you follow these few simple steps and take the extra couple of minutes to prepare for the task, I promise you will get the results you want faster, with less trouble and be able to enjoy what you have accomplished sooner!
Happy Holidays!!!
I may do another post just on tip #1 as a checklist, especially for those decorating with lights for the first time!

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