do it anyway

I have been sick for the past week and was grateful to not have any jobs scheduled today, glad to attempt one last day of battle against this cold. Nothing but resting, drinking water and soup in my sight for the day. So when my own kitchen sink started to back up I confess I called the plumber from exhaustion and (let’s be honest) laziness. I imagine quite a few kitchen sinks got a bit overworked this past week, so I wasn’t surprised to get voice mail and left a message. Well, either he is REALLY busy or sick too, because he hasn’t called back yet. Unfortunately for him I happen to really hate having dishes sitting all over the counter and my urge (NEED) to run the dishwasher won out over my desire to take some cold medicine and nap.
It only took a few minutes and about the last of my energy, but certainly worth it overall. Knowing I saved myself a minimum plumber visit charge was great. Still fixing something on a ‘day off’ gave me something to feel good and productive about instead of fully giving in to this stuffy head. But best of all is that when I do wake up from sick day nap, the dishes will be clean and the counter space ready for making dinner!
I’m so glad now that plumber didn’t pick up when I called!

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